Please follow the following steps to download BitcoinWSpectrum wallet and start staking your BWS coins


1. Click on the Wallet link in Main Menu to go to wallet download.


2. Download wallet

You can download either Windows wallet or Mac wallet depending upon the OS which you are using.


3. Open wallet


4.Get your BWS address

Click on receive coins tab to view your wallet address.


5. Address Tab

You can find and copy your address from here. You can also change label of your wallet here. Furthermore you can create more addresses too if you like.


6. Secure your wallet

Click on Setting > Encrypt Wallet

Enter your chosen passphrase (Important: You must not lose this passphrase because if you lose this then you can lose access to all of your funds. So try to memorize it and/or save it in multiple secure places.)

7. Create a backup of your wallet

Click on File > Back up

Select your desired location.

Click on save.

8. Add nodes

If you see no or less connections then download this file from here. Copy this file once the download is complete.

Go to My Computer > C: > Users > (Your windows user name) > AppData > Roaming > Bitcoinwspectrum and paste the downloaded file here.

Close and reopen your wallet. Your wallet should be connected now. Depending upon your internet connection speed, it may take upto 2 hours to completely sync with the chain.

9. Staking

Click on File > Unlock wallet (Make sure that “For staking only” is checked)

Enter your passphrase and click on “Ok”

10. Happy staking

Once you have active connections and mature coins then you will see your hard work paying off and a steady stream of coins pouring into your BWS wallet.

You can find network info and some other technical data by clicking here Help > Debug window.



Your Antivirus may raise a warning because the current wallet releases are not signed. There is nothing to worry about as these are false alarms.

You can find more info here.

Mac Release supports 10.12 Sierra or later

bitcoinwspectrum-qt-mac.dmg Virustotal scan Virustotal scan

We are working to get these releases signed and new signed versions will be released really soon.

If you have any other questions then  you can contact us here:
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